10 Of The Best Detox Foods You Should Eat Regularly

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We all know our bodies need a little help every now and again, especially if we have busy lives that include weekly consumption of junk food and alcohol but what can we do to help ourselves?


These 10 ‘superfoods’ will help to cleanse and detox our bodies so we have glowing skin, a trimmer waistline and healthy organs:

1 – Grapefruit. This wonder fruit is known for it’s fat busting qualities and be eating half a grapefruit a day you can cut down on belly fat by up to 20% in a year!

2 – Green Tea. Everyone knows the amazing health benefits of green tea, simply sip 2-3 cups a day for glowing skin and a slimmer waistline.

3 – Avocado. The best ‘good fat’ around is the humble avocado. Spread it on toast or slice in a salad for shiny hair and nails.

4 – Turmeric. Whilst it’s odd to add a spice to smoothies, turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and great for the liver.

5 – Asparagus. Another great liver healer, the next time you’re hungover steam yourself a big ol’ bunch of asparagus and feel right as rain within the hour.

6 – Lemon water. Drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing and you’ll detoxify your body from the night before in one simple step.

7 – Salmon. Packed full of good fats and essential omega-3, salmon is the ultimate brain food.

8 – Beetroot. Amazing fuel for cardio bunnies, beetroot regenerates cells in the liver to keep you ticking over nicely.

9 – Sweet potatoes. A great source of fibre and a ‘good’ carb to fill you up, sweet potato is the number one choice for those watching their weight.

10 – Spinach. This dark, leafy green is great for suppressing your appetite and keep you fuller for longer.