3 Natural, Easy Ways To Beat Dry Skin

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Dry skin can be a pain, especially in the colder months and even if you’ve tried every beauty product under the sun if you’re diet isn’t up to scratch you’ll never have perfectly plump, healthy skin but fear not help is at hand! Just follow these 3 easy steps for amazing, healthy skin that glows from the inside out:

1 – Coconut oil is the most amazing, nourishing and natural conditioner you can use on your skin (and hair) to really inject some much-needed moisture back into dry skin. Slather it all over skin after a shower or use as a cleanser, makeup remover and shaving balm.

2 – Honey and milk bath. We know that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to keep your skin young and beautiful but it’s true that milk really is a wonder liquid to soothe and repair dry skin. Simply add a spoonful of honey and a pint of milk to your bath for instant relief.

3 – Keep the temperature of your baths and showered not too hot to avoid skin irritation any further and only use natural, unscented products.