3 Scary Truths About Your ‘Healthy’ Fruit Smoothies

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The smoothie craze has been going strong for a good couple of years now with gym bunnies knocking them back like there’s no tomorrow thinking they’re getting a healthy dose of goodness in one hit but unfortunately they’re not as good for you as you may think…

fruit smoothie

1 – To much sugar! The main ingredient of a fruit smoothie is of course, fruit and when consumed in a smoothie the structure is broken down into a much purer form of fructose so all you’re basically drinking is sugary water. They taste delicious but that’s all thanks to the sugar!

2 – They don’t keep hunger at bay. As you’re bypassing the fibre by blitzing the fruit you’ll find you’re still hungry after consuming a smoothie, even though you’ve basically drank around 300 pesky calories.

3 – They’re extremely bad for your teeth. Juices and smoothies that have a high acidic fruit content (such as lemons and limes) can corrode the enamel on your teeth, especially when combined with all that fructose.