5 Gym Beauty Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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Sweat like a pig to look like a fox!

Beautiful young woman working out in fitness club

1 – Drink plenty of water. Not only will it keep you cool and hydrated during your workout but drinking lots of water will give you glowing, clear skin and help aid weightloss plus it’s cheap!

2 – Sanitise! Machines and weights are breeding grounds for all types of nasty bacteria which thrive in hot, sweaty environments so be sure to give your kit a good scrub.

3 – Cleanse your face before you workout. Nothing clogs pores faster than a face full of makeup.

4 – Don’t skip the shower! Get all that sweat, grime and oil off you ASAP, plus always wear flip flops because communal showers breed fungus, eww.

5 – Tie your hair back. To avoid a dry scalp, super sweaty strands and greasy roots, tie your hair back and keep it high off your neck to keep you cool.