5 Horrifying Reasons Why You Should Never Use A Waist Trainer

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Waist trainers have been a massive craze in recent months due to being promoted by many celebrities in the media spotlight but there has been speculation they’re a major health risk if used excessively.


But what harm could an item of control underwear really do?

1 – Indigestion and acid reflux.

One of the main concerns users of waist trainers express is how it effects their digestive system. Wearers complain of indigestion after eating, especially spicy food and complain of acid reflux after eating a heavy meal.

2 – Skin irritation.

Wearing something so tight fitting to your skin for a long period of time will cause uncomfortable irritation, especially in warmer weather. Some wearers have reported bruising, swelling as well as chaffing and other skin complaints.

3 – Breathing trouble.

One of the most horrifying reasons to not ever wear a waist trainer is the fact some wearers have reported it affected their breathing, resulting in shortage of breath.

4 – Difficulty eating.

Wearing something that pulls your stomach in so tightly it’s not surprising wearers have reported difficulty and discomfort when eating.

5 – Psychological problems.

Not only are waist trainers physically damaging, they can also hurt your emotional wellbeing as your confidence can take a hit when you take them off and see your body in it’s normal, natural state.