8 Easy Tips To Help You Curb Your Sugar Cravings

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Sugar is the biggest downfall for most dieters and the one thing that makes people ‘fall off the wagon’ when it comes to eating healthy as sugar is highly addictive and very hard to wean yourself off of.


Whilst we can’t promise miracles, we’ve put together 8 essential tips to helping you kick those sugar cravings for good:

1 – Keep fruit on hand. When craving chocolate or sweets, reach for a piece of fruit to get that (natural) sugar fix.

2 – Stay busy. A lot of people tend to snack out of boredom so keep yourself occupied and you won’t be tempted to eat!

3 – Don’t stress! Easier said than done but as stress levels go up so do your sugar cravings…

4 – Brush your teeth after every meal, that way you’re not tempted to reach for a sweet treat.

5 – Drink water! Your body can sometimes confuse thirst for hunger so when those cravings hit, chug a pint of water and chances are it’ll go.

6 – Exercise. If you find yourself at a loose end and want to sit on the sofa with some chocolate, grab your iPod and go for a brisk walk instead.

7 – Make a smoothie from chocolate flavoured protein powder if you really MUST have chocolate.

8 – Don’t buy sweets! By not having sugary snacks in the house you won’t be able to eat them.