8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Up Running

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We all know what’s it like when you look in the mirror and see lumps and bumps that weren’t there before, you start to think about getting back to the gym or taking up a new sport but what could be better than running?

men run

1 – It’s FREE! No need for any expensive gym subscriptions or fancy equipment (besides some decent running shoes) all you really need is yourself an the great outdoors.

2 – You feel refreshed. Running outside in the sunshine is a great mood booster, all that fresh air and vitamin d does wonders for the body and soul.

3 – The benefits are amazing for your body. Running uses the biggest muscles in your body, your legs, and by working these muscles out regularly you’ll tone up and lose weight quickly and easily.

4 – Improve joint health. Whilst running CAN be tough on your body it can be a great way to keep your joints healthy.

5 – Great for stress busting! Bad day at work? Pound the pavement for 20 minutes and your terrible day will simply melt away.

6 – Lose weight the easy way. Running works every part of your body so you’ll lost weight at lightening speed.

7 – Practical. You can run home from work and cut commuting costs as well as shape up!

8 – Sociable. There’s tonnes of running clubs around, just Google for one close to you and buddy up with fellow runners.