Strong Is The New Sexy: 10 Ultimate Fitness Tips For Women

Want to know how to make your workouts workout for you?

People on treadmill in gym running

Follow our ultimate 10 fitness tips for women to help you reach peak fitness:

1 – Fuel your body properly before you workout.

Whilst some athletes and body builders swear by the ‘fasted cardio’ method it’s usually a good idea to fuel your body with good, slow-releasing carbs to give you energy throughout your fitness routine. A banana on brown toast is a great pre-workout snack and be sure to sip on plenty of water too.

2 – Tone up using a treadmill or cross trainer.

Always be sure to warm up before every workout, a quick 15 minute jog on the treadmill or using the cross trainer will ease your muscles into action and help prevent any tears or pulls. Using the treadmill on an incline is a really good way of preparing your leg muscles for lifting weights and working those glutes.

3 – Wear a properly fitting, supportive sports bra.

Properly supportive sportswear not only makes you look good whilst you’re getting your workout on but can also help you to stay cool, prevent injuries and make you feel more comfortable. Ladies especially need support in the chest area to stop any uncomfortable moments which could cause soreness and irritation.

4 – Add aerobic exercise to your runs.

Make the most of your daily run by throwing in a few squats, sprints, push up and other aerobic exercises to maximise your workout time effectively. You can burn twice as many calories without realising if you stop at regular intervals and perform aerobic exercises, especially if they’re at a high intensity.

5 – Add exercise to your work day.

Waiting for the kettle to boil? Work on the 5th floor? Incorporate exercise in your day to day life and you’ll be surprised how quickly you burn off extra calories without realising!

6 – Take up a team-based fitness hobby.

If you find going to the gym a bit of a slob or you’re bored of working out on your own take up a team sport that’ll motivate you to push out of your comfort zone and have fun in the process. Team sports such as netball, hockey, rugby and of course football are intense bursts of cardio coupled with a healthy dose of competition to really get your heart beating.

7 – Workout at home.

There’s nothing more de-motivational than looking out at the rain knowing you have to brave it to make it to the gym. There are so many varied workout tutorial videos on YouTube it’s easy to get a good work out in the comfort of your own home without the need for fancy equipment.

8 – Invest in a personal trainer to show you the ropes.

If one of the reasons why you don’t go to the gym that often is because you’re a little perplexed by the machines, seek the professional help from a personal trainer who can tailor make a workout for you. Personal trainers can also correct your technique to ensure you don’t cause any damage to yourself too.

9 – Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Some days you won’t feel like working out or you won’t workout as hard, and that’s OK. Listen to your body and what it needs, as long as you follow the 80/20 rule to be on goal 80% of the time you can let go and enjoy yourself 20% of the time. Great fitness is a lifestyle choice so make it sure it fits into your life to be easily sustainable.

10 – Make time to workout in the morning.

If you struggle to find time to workout, wake up a little earlier and go a run, hit the gym or do a home workout before the kids wake up or before you go to work. You’ll set yourself up for the day and you’ll get your workout in nice and early so if you’re pushed for time later it won’t matter too much.