The Top 5 Foods For Glowing, Healthy And Blemish Free Skin

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Do you struggle with blemishes, dull skin and an uneven skin tone?

good skin

No matter what lotions and potions you smother your face in, a lot of your skins issues can easily be resolved be re-hauling your diet and getting stuck in to these skin-loving superfoods:

1 – Salmon. A wrinkle-busting treat of omega-3 fatty aids to plump the skin and the all the proteins to keep you full! Not only does salmon taste delicious, it’s easy to cook and makes you glow.

2 – Fresh berries. The high antioxidant levels in berries will give your skin a much-needed boost. Great added to smoothies too.

3 – Water-heavy veggies such as cucumber and celery. Not only is drinking water amazing for your skin, eating it is too! Pack as many water-heavy veggies on your plate as possible for a full stomach and clearer skin.

4 – Soya.Soya-based products are rich in oestrogen-like substances which help to maintain collagen and keep skin soft and supple.

5 – Brazil nuts and almonds. Nuts are very high in selenium which help to block the enzyme involved in ageing to keep you younger, for longer.