What Are The Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet?

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Vegetarian and vegan diets have catapulted their way into mainstream media in the past few years and the foodie scene has exploded with delicious plant-based restaurants from street food and pop-ups to more gourmet offerings and fine dining.

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

Not only are you helping to heal the planet by not consuming animal products and supporting the horrific factory farming industry there are countless benefits for your body, both mentally and physically. Here we’ve listed the main reasons why you should consider adopting a plant based diet:

Weight loss

One of the first things you’ll notice if you adopt a plant based diet is weight loss, as you’re not consuming animal fats and dairy your body is getting a lot of raw, vitamins and minerals and shedding any excess weight. It’s one of the reasons why people choose a vegan diet, aside from the ethical values as it’s a sustainable diet that is high in nutrients but low in fat.

You’ll save money on groceries

Meat is expensive, and the better quality meat you buy the more expensive it is so another huge benefit of a vegan diet is it’s cheaper than a meat/dairy heavy way of eating. On average you’ll save around 50% on your grocery bill and in this economy that’s a great saving.

Lower cholesterol

As plants contain approximately ZERO cholesterol it’s no surprise that one of the main major health benefits of eating a purely plant-based diet is the effect it has on your cholesterol. Whilst you should always monitor your intake of fat, even on a vegan diet, eating plants is a sure fire way to easily lower your cholesterol.

Lower blood pressure

As plants are rich in potassium you automatically lower your blood pressure when following a high potassium plant based diet. Most grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, salads and fruits contain high levels of potassium and vitamin B6 whilst animal products and meat contain NO potassium and can higher blood pressure if not eaten in moderation.

Reduce risk of cancer

On the whole, a low fat, high plant based diet has been proven to reduce the risk of certain cancers, including breast and colon. Animal products, including meat have been linked to cancer so cutting them is a good way to reduce the risk, as well as cutting out alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs, of course.