Women’s Health: 10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

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I in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime which is a very scary statistic but it’s been proven our diets have a huge effect on our health so what can we eat to prevent this deadly disease?


1 – Eat organic wherever you can. Although it’s a tad more expensive, organic food isn’t loaded with cancer-causing oestrogen and other nasties.

2 – Green, leafy veg is the way forward. Cruciferous is packed with anti-oxidents and nutrient dense, make you sure you eat some daily!

3 – Glug green tea. The health benefits with green tea are HUGE! It’s basically great health in a cup.

4 – Tumeric. Add a sprinkle of tumeric to your smoothies and to stews, soups and curries for an anti-inflammatory kick.

5 – Oily fish is packed with omega-3 fats and DHA which claim to combat cancer cells.

6 – Eat raw. Vegetables are at their most nutrient dense when eaten raw so slice, dice and chop into salads or have as a snack.

7 – Make your plate as colourful as possible, include as many fruits, vegetables, pulses and beans as possible every mealtime.

8 – Mushrooms are magic! Far from being a fungus, mushrooms are packed with vitamins and minerals.

9 – Cut down on red meat. We all know it’s bad for our bodies, and the environment so try and only eat it once a week, if you must.

10 – Probiotic yoghurt is your friend. Have one with breakfast and the good bacteria will keep you ticking over all day.